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Who We Are

About The Conscious Living Center (CLC):

Conscious Living is the choice to live your life with intention. Conscious living is about taking control of your own life, living with purpose and making each moment count. The Conscious Living Center was created to help and inspire us to live a life full of meaning and intention. We will offer counseling, coaching, psychotherapy and wellness programs that provide the opportunity for radical growth and change.The decision to live consciously is one of the most important decisions you can make. Finding the right therapist, coach or guide can be life changing. We are dedicated to helping you live the best version of your life.

About our Partners at The Collaborative Law Center (CLC): 

The CLC was founded by Attorney, Mediator and Life Coach, Gina Goodwin Riley as an alternative to typical dispute resolution such as litigation. The CLC believes that Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation is the future of the legal system. Mediation can often result in a more affordable and quicker out come than the standard legal path through the court system. By changing the focus from litigation to conflict resolution, the CLC has been very successful in helping resolve a variety of legal and community disputes.The CLC is dedicated to resolving conflict amicably and quickly.  We specialize in amicable divorce, community, business/workplace and family conflict.